Are you a tea lover or a rice fan or a real estate enthusiast or passionate about four-wheelers or even an internet worm?
Then you’ll be the perfect fit in our MJB Group! Be it for our tea blends or real estate blueprints – we are only as good as our people. Hence, only the Self-Driven high performer with an innovative & creative approach to work, constant learner and top-notch professional find his/her way into our organization. Sounds like you or someone you know?
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Why Join Us ?

    1. We employ the best talents in our group. You’ll be in good company!
    2. We give the best compensation and benefits to our employees.
    3. We impart extensive Training Program for our new employees.
    4. We ensure compliance with every regulation, safe, congenial & hygienic work environment.
    5. High performing & talented employees with quality work can sustain in our group forever till the age of retirement.
    6. It is the best place to acquire practical knowledge & expertise in specific fields of business functions.
    7. Work passionate employees can acquire multi-faceted skills, talents & expertise while working in our group with full dedication & self-imposed discipline in work.