Bond With Us


“Never Forget who was with you from the beginning” with this belief Embee Builders has a new program which has been termed as “LIFE LONG BONDING”. A step taken by Embee Builders to encourage its existing buyers to be a part of the Embee family not only as buyers / customers but also as an referral with Embee Builders.

Every existing buyer who brings a prospective buyer in any of our projects, will be entitled to receive a token of appreciation in the form of remuneration which is 1 % of Base price (Base Rate + Car Parking). Every buyer who brings a referral can claim the remuneration when the referral customer completes at-least 60% payment of the purchased flat.

We have arranged the most simplest way to carry out the entire process which will be very friendly as well as encouraging to each and every member of the referral group.

With the belief of extending a bond or relationship with our buyers, we are ready with open arms to invite every buyer of Embee Builders to be a part of our referral program.


  1. To be a part of the referral program, you have to be a buyer in any of the projects of Embee Builders.

  2. You can sell as many flats as you can and for every flat booked you are eligible of claiming one remuneration, which means if you sell 10 flats, you are entitled to claim 10 remunerations.

  3. After your successful registration you will be provided an unique referral code. Every time you send a new buyer, the buyer has to mention your unique ID and name on the visitor’s form, when the buyer makes his first visit in Site Marketing Office.

  4. You can only claim the remuneration after the customer provided by you completes at-least 60% of the payment for the flat purchased by him/her.

  5. If you are a resident of Siliguri, you can either fill up the form and physically handover the registration form to our Site Office or you can also complete the registration online at

  6. As soon as your registration form is verified, your Unique ID shall be mailed to you through registered courier, by Email Address and an SMS to your provided mobile number. The entire verification process may take up-to 3 – 5 working days. Kindly provide only one mobile number in the registration form, so that we can make future conversations, to avoid any confusion.

  7. On the 1st Visit of the customer, he has to clearly mention the name of the referrer and the unique ID. If on the third or the fourth visit, before / after the customer booking, if the customer mentions any referrer name, we shall not entertain it in any cases.

  8. If one customer is send by multiple referrers, the person sent by the first referrer shall be eligible to claim the remuneration for the following. The referrer name mentioned in the first visitor form of the customer shall be applicable for the referral process.

  9. For cautiousness, we would like to mention that our marketing and sales team are totally in-house. No other marketing agency is solely associated with any sales or marketing purposes. We like to believe that we have the best team in-house who will be trying their best to convert your leads as confirmed buyers.